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Fixing My New Refrigerator

Nearly four years ago, I purchased the refrigerator of my dreams. The spacious, sleek, and stainless steel refrigerator contained built-in ice and water dispensers on one of its doors. Besides having two doors, this stylish appliance also contained two pull-out drawers. The first drawer kept fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh. The second drawer functioned as the freezer. Unfortunately, the freezer began accumulating excess frost soon after I purchased the refrigerator. I immediately called a technician about the problem. This individual quickly came to my home and diagnosed my problem. After a small repair, my freezer worked correctly. On this blog, I hope you will discover the importance of solving problems with your kitchen appliances quickly. Enjoy!

3 Common Washing Machine Repairs You Can Do Yourself

14 November 2019
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You need your washing machine to run properly so you can wash your clothing and don't have to worry about going out to the laundromat with your bundle of quarters to get your clothes clean. When your machine stops working suddenly, it's a problem and one you want to be repaired right away. Read on for a few common washing machine issues and how you can repair them yourself. 1. Machine Not Draining Read More …