Stay Cool: Tips When Your Refrigerator Is On-The-Blink

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Nearly four years ago, I purchased the refrigerator of my dreams. The spacious, sleek, and stainless steel refrigerator contained built-in ice and water dispensers on one of its doors. Besides having two doors, this stylish appliance also contained two pull-out drawers. The first drawer kept fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh. The second drawer functioned as the freezer. Unfortunately, the freezer began accumulating excess frost soon after I purchased the refrigerator. I immediately called a technician about the problem. This individual quickly came to my home and diagnosed my problem. After a small repair, my freezer worked correctly. On this blog, I hope you will discover the importance of solving problems with your kitchen appliances quickly. Enjoy!

Stay Cool: Tips When Your Refrigerator Is On-The-Blink

16 August 2016
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You don't want to procrastinate or mess around if you are having problems with your refrigerator. Failure to act could result in a fridge full of spoiled food, which could cost you hundreds of dollars or more. Use some simple suggestions to quickly address what is going on with your refrigerator, and get it resolved quickly.

Stay cool, act fast, and use the following tips when experiencing issues with your fridge.

Check the door. If the magnetic stripping around your refrigerator door is bad, the appliance will work less efficiently. A common way to check on the tightness of the door is to put a sheet of paper between the door and the strip and close it. If the paper falls to the floor, the magnet should be replaced with new stripping. If the paper stays put, this is not the culprit.

Test the temp. Test the thermometer inside your fridge by placing an indoor, household thermometer inside the fridge. Compare the results to determine if you need to make repairs or simply readjust the control settings.

Defer to the manufacturer. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and design when using their appliances. For instance, the labeled compartments inside your fridge are designated for a reason; typically, there are sections of the fridge that stay colder than others, and some foods that require certain conditions and temperatures. Not heeding these directions could lead to issues with food freezing or spoiling in your refrigerator.

Listen to what your fridge is telling you. If there is a problem with your refrigerator, it may be trying to tell you with a funny sound or off-smell. Pay attention to these signs and report them to your appliance repair technician.

When your fridge becomes loud, it could have clogged vents on the back. Vacuum or dust these vents to keep them clear and unobstructed.

If the back of your fridge is hot to the touch or you smell something burning, the motor could be overworked and ready to die. This may also be caused by dust or debris clogging the vents, as the fridge is trying to work harder to compensate and stay cool.

If you smell something odd, like a chemical, when you open your refrigerator or freezer, you could have a Freon gas leak. This is what makes your unit cold, and it can seep into your food over time.

Talk with appliance retailers or manufacturers to order parts to repair your fridge or to consider new options that will fit the bill as well as your budget. Take issues with your refrigerator seriously or you could face the cost and mess of spoiled food.